WireFlow delivers prototype for cell-cycler to TMHS


We are extremely proud to deliver a 5 channel prototype of our TORD cell-cycler for Li-Ion battery cells to Toyota Material Handling Systems in Mjölby.

This project aimed to evaluate and develop the next generation cell-cycle-tester on an open platform for research and validation on everything from different cell manufacturers to charge/discharge-strategies and application specific usage. The project has been a joint venture between TMHS, WireFlow and FFI/Vinova (Fordonstrategisk Forskning & Innovation) and has been running since November 2020.

The TORD-prototype is now in the hands of TMHS for evaluating of the system and for learning about testing and test-matrixes on Li-Ion cells.

We at WireFlow believe it will be a very valuable tool for learning about the specific application and how to optimise the design of battery-packs and strategies in the BMS. Test Engineer Niclas Norman agrees “…This will be a valuable tool to take the next step in knowledge and as a tool for faster and more accurate evaluation of second source..”

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us @ sales@wireflow.com or +46 728 65 86 71