The Datavärde & Wireflow partnership

The Datavärde Cloud platform and battery analytics functionalities provides a fast and comprehensive understanding of the big data collected from test and measurement systems used in battery applications for the users.

Conclusive test reports together with prediction and optimization engines available in Datavärde cloud platform add a necessary value for the battery and modules lifetime management processes. Test equipment can be used in all the steps in a battery life-time value chain from manufacturing to recycling to serve different purposes.

There are several burdens and complexities in each of these steps, but there are tons of useful data during each of these processes that can support and facilitate the jobs needed to be done for different stakeholders.

The Datavärde and WireFlow partnership offers a complete battery test and analytics platform for R&D, production, remanufacturing, repurposing, and recycling centers. The WireFlow test and measurements equipment collects huge amounts of data that can be further analysed and refined in the Datavärde Cloud platform with battery analytics functionalities.

Datavärde’s solutions

Swedish Sea Rescue Services IoT

The Swedish Sea Rescue Services is an Organisation based on Volunteers and are active all over the Country. The ShipToShore System is an IoT Service, Developed and Operated by Datavärde. The system collects all Data from the Ships and delivers Analysed Insight of the Operation and Status for the Units. The gains are Better Uptime, Lower Cost and Improved Learning from the Rescue Missions.

ESS Control Systems Engineering

Datavärde AB delivers Engineering Services for Control and Integration of Advanced Energy Storage Systems for a Leading Player for Energy and Power Systems in Sweden.

Fleet Electrification Study

To decrease the Environmental impact of the Utility Vehicles in a large Swedish city Datavärde AB is making Investment Recommendations based on Vehicle Data that are coming from the operation. We use that to simulate possible Scenarios for Electrification of the whole Fleet. The work also includes Charging Strategies and Overall Specifications of potential Vehicles.