Secure your LabVIEW applications and code – easy as locking the front door of your house…

WireFlow Security Suite

Security Dongles for LabVIEW

Adds software protection, user identification and system feature control

Now also LabVIEW developers can protect their applications by using WireFlow Security Dongles specifically developed for LabVIEW.

The software drivers for the WireFlow Security Dongles are developed entirely in LabVIEW, making them fully compatible with all LabVIEW platforms including LabVIEW for Windows, LabVIEW for Mac, LabVIEW Real-Time and LabVIEW FPGA.

The WireFlow Dongles may thus be used to protect all LabVIEW hardware targets such as desktopPC’s, PXI, Compact RIO and Compact DAQ chassis.

Intuitive Programming Application
The Dongles are easily programmed on any Windows PC using the intuitive programming application.

Proven security
Once the different keys are programmed into the secure memory inside the dongle, it is physically impossible to read them back again. Using the supplied LabVIEW driver, the presence of a dongle with a certain key is queried using a new random challenge each time. The key never leaves the dongle, it just sends the resulting hash back to the driver. This ensures that the dongles cannot be copied or imitated. Protection against brute force attacks is guaranteed by using industry standard SHA-256 hash algorithm with 256 bit keys. This means more possible keys than there are atoms in the sun!

Easy implementation
Despite the complexity of the underlying functionality, it is very easy to develop a license check using the supplied LabVIEW driver.

Besides doing basic license checks, the security dongles can also be used for more advanced functions such as unlocking software features, user identification, demo expiration handling etc.

SINCE LATE 1970s software protection dongles have been used to protect software from being illegally copied. The reason these dongles have been so popular for such a long time is that the concept of using a “hardware key” is a very secure and intuitive method to handle software licensing.