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Looking for LabVIEW expertise in your projects?

For a company developing products, test and validation may feel like a secondary activity. The insight of the importance is there, but the focus and motivation are on developing, optimizing and perfecting the design of the product. Naturally. To set up an effective, scalable and configurable test environment that can follow the product roadmaps, is a challenge. If done well though, this may result in a test-platform that will grow with the company for a long time.

WireFlow is at your service

The engineers at WireFlow have a long history of helping companies when they need to beef up their organization with expertise regarding the National Instruments products and development tools like LabVIEW. We also have proven capability to develop customized hardware, implement embedded systems and help clients integrating their products, etc.

Be it a short, intense re-enforcement to strengthen a specific project, or longer assignments to, for example, help your company with its strategic test platform development and processes, WireFlow is at you service.

WireFlow also have NI certified professional instructors, which means that we are authorized by National Instruments to teach NI courses. We can for example give courses for your staff at your premises or any location of your choice.

Do you want to hire a Consultant, or know more about our Consulting service? Please contact us at info@wireflow.com


Read the case studies below about some of the consulting projects that we have carried out in the past

CASE | WireFlow Consulting

Extending the capability of VeriStand with a “Custom Device”

A Wireflow customer, working in the automotive segment, wanted the possibility to stream UDP-data in both directions between the VeriStand-system and the remote devices. This meant that they needed support for this in their VeriStand platform, and they turned to WireFlow for help.

CASE | WireFlow Consulting

Radar test and verification solution based on FlexRIO and LabVIEW FPGA

UniqueSec is an innovative company that develops advanced signal processing algorithms for small-scale commercial radars. In the process of creating a prototype implementation of ASGARD1, UniqueSec needed a partner to assist during product development and decrease time to market.

CASE | WireFlow Consulting

Continuous Development of Test and Validation Lab at Company Developing Biometrics

The customer in this study is a market leading manufacturer of biometric sensors found in millions of phones all over the world. Testing and validation were performed in an ad hoc manner, as was the implementation of the test platform.

CASE | WireFlow Consulting

Quality Assurance of Massive LabVIEW SCADA System

A supplier of machinery for the energy industry who was developing a massive SCADA system in LabVIEW, felt they needed to get assurance that the system was of good quality and was ready for 24/7 operation before delivery to the end customer.

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