WireQueue MQTT Toolkit

The WireQueue MQTT Toolkit is the easy way to connect your devices using the de facto standard protocol for IoT: MQTT. It is ideally suited to connect LabVIEW devices over local or remote network for robust data acquisition and control purposes.
WireQueue MQTT can connect to any standard MQTT message broker on your LAN or in the cloud with the option of using TLS secured communication.

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LabVIEW Toolkit

AE0020-004 Deliverables.zip v2.1.5.135

User Manual

AC0075-001 WireQueue LabVIEW User Manual.pdf

Data sheet

AB0005-096 WireQueue Toolkit Data Sheet.pdf

Additional Downloads

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Remote monitoring of fingerprint sensors in a climate chamber

AB0005-058 AN5 Remote monitoring of fingerprint sensors in a climate chamber.pdf

AWS IoT How-To

AB0005-112 AN18 AWS IoT How-To.pdf


– LabVIEW for Windows
– LabVIEW for Real-Time targets
– Supports MQTT v3.1.1
– Compatible with MQTT brokers on LAN or WAN


– Open pub/sub protocol
– Optimized for high-latency or unreliable networks
– Secured with TLS
– Optional hardware dongle message authentication  

Application areas

– Data logging
– Asset monitoring
– Remote control
– Industrial IoT

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