LabVIEW Build Support

LabVIEW Build Support makes it possible to invoke builds across different targets and in a user-specified order.

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The LabVIEW Build Support adds the possibility to invoke builds across different targets and in a user specified order.

The desired build order and the currently active build specifications can be saved in the project. This means that all users can invoke the project build specifications in exactly the same way.

In LabVIEW 2010 and later it is also possible to have FPGA build items specified in the build order, meaning that Windows/RealTime applications depending on FPGA builds, can be built with a single build action.

As an additional feature, it is also possible to easily create a zipped project development distribution (including the project file itself), not including the Program folder items.

Application areas

– Multi-target projects with multiple build items.
– Multiple users invoking the same sequence of build scripts.
– Save time by starting multiple sequential builds in one single click


– LabVIEW project integration
– Quick export of project to zip file (including the project file itself)
– Executing builds on different targets with one single menu selection
– In LabVIEW > 2010; even on FPGA targets
– Project defined build order
– Build all build specifications in human sorted order (regardless of saved order)
– User defined handling of build error, either stop on error or continue building
– Option to save project before a build specification is invoke


– Supports  any build item in LabVIEW >2009
– FPGA builds in LabVIEW >2010
– Integrated in the LabVIEW project environment, no external file necessary to define the build order.
– Build order defined by drag and drop.

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