WireFlow Calibration Service

WireFlow calibration service offering

All WireFlow products are tested to ensure they meet their specifications. This means that you can be confident that your WireFlow product will have the accuracy that we specify. However, since components age, we might see a natural drift of the accuracy over time. To ensure that the precision of your instrument keeps its intended performance, we sometimes recommend that they be calibrated with a certain interval.

For products that have a recommended calibration interval we can provide you with a calibration service, referenced to National Standards. This means that you will be given a calibration certificate to attest the accuracy of your WireFlow product.

Replace units

During the time your instruments is on the road for calibration, we also offer the possibility to rent replacement instruments. If you decide that you want one, or several, replacements we will ship them as soon as we receive your order.

When you receive the replacements,  you can  send your instruments to us for calibration, confident that you will not experience any downtime on your system.

You return the replacements when you have your original, freshly calibrated, instruments back in your system.


Regarding shipping of calibration modules and replacement modules, we have some flexibility:

  • You can organize the shipment to and from the WireFlow workshop in Sweden.
  • You can organize the shipping to WireFlow, and WireFlow organize the shipping back to you.
  • Wireflow can organize the shipping in both directions.

For customers outside the European Union (EU) it is strongly recommended that WireFlow organizes the shipment in both directions to minimize the risk for any duties or taxes when entering or leaving the EU.

All shipping costs will be charged.

If any customs fees are imposed, those will also be charged.

NOTE: Do not ship any products to WireFlow, until you have received an order number for the calibration from us!

Supported modules

ProductID Recommended calibration interval Replacements modules available? Estimated turnaround time
WF 3144 2 years Yes, max 5 3 weeks

Contact us for a calibration quote

If you want us to send you a quote for calibration of your module(s). Please send an email to support@wireflow.com 
and state your contact information, shipping country and the number
of modules you want to calibrate.