I/O Modules

WF 3144 – Programmable Resistor Module

LabVIEW Driver [AC0021, v2.1.1]

LabVIEW Driver [AC0021, OLDER version, v2.0.4]

User Manual [AC0021-002, Rev D]

Data Sheet [AB0005-004, Rev E] 

WF 3144 Enhanced Mode [AB0005-017 WP1, Rev B]

WF 3132 – Multiplexer Module

LabVIEW Driver for cRIO [AC0023, v1.2.1]

LabVIEW Driver for cRIO [AC0023, OLDER version, v1.1.1]

Driver for cDAQ, [AC0086, v1.0.4.43]

User Manual [AC0023-002, Rev J]

Data Sheet [AB0005-008, Rev I]

WF 3154 – Fault Injection Module

LabVIEW Driver [AC0022, v2.1.1.33]

LabVIEW Driver [AC0022, OLDER version, v2.0.1.27]

User Manual [AC0022-002, Rev C]

Data Sheet [AB0005-005, Rev D]

WF 3168 – Battery Stack Monitor & Balancing Module

LabVIEW Driver [AC0106, v1.1.0.35]

LabVIEW Driver (for LabVIEW versions >2017) [AC0106, v1.0.0.31]

User Manual [AC0094-009, Rev C]

Data Sheet [AB0005-062, Rev D]

WF 3169 – Battery Stack Monitor Module

LabVIEW Driver [AC0119-003, v1.1.0.14]

User Manual [AC0117-004, Rev B]

Data Sheet [AB0005-097, Rev A]

WF 2144 – USB Programmable Resistor Module

LabVIEW Driver [AC0111-003]

Python Driver [AC0207-002]

User Manual [AC0120-008]

Data Sheet [AB0005-091]

I/O Modules Related Documents

Mixing WF and NI modules [AB0005-056 AN4, Rev B]

Mixing WF and NI modules examples (code example) [AB0005-057 AN4, Rev A]

WF modules and Scan mode [AB0005-041 AN13, Rev C]

PT100 Simulator [AB0005-085 AN9, Rev A]

PT100 Simulator (code example) [AB0005-086 AN9, Rev A]

Thermistor Simulator [AB0005-087 AN10, Rev A]

Thermistor Simulator (code example) [AB0005-088 AN10, Rev A]

FPGA Resource Usage for WF C Series modules [AB0005-104 AN16 , Rev A]

Integrating WF modules with NI VeriStand [AB0005-098 AN14, Rev A]

Integrating WF modules with NI VeriStand (code examples) [AB0005-099 AN14, Rev A]

Simulation of a temperature sensor [AB0005-006 AN1, Rev B]

Simulation of operator switches in HiL applications [AB0005-027 AN2, Rev A]

Measuring individual cells in high voltage battery packs [AB0005-116 AN19, Rev A]

Battery Stack Demo [AB0005-084 AN8, Rev A]

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