WireFlow EV-battery production-testing “Hallen”.


WireFlow production-testing, this time for EV-battery-packs.

The delivery and installation of our latest production-testing equipment for Li-Ion-battery packs has just been finished at our customer MicroPower Group. Based on our BTM-platform, the production test-system is in this form capable of checking and uploading firmware and parameters, do a charge/discharge-test and finally do a delivery-charge.

Our customer MicroPower has gained new traction and EV customers for Li-Ion-battey-solutions and needed to increase test-capability, both with new functionality and in volume. WireFlow Hallen will be a valuable and powerful addition to their production testing of EV-batteries.

To read more about our BTM-platform for development, validation, long term-cycle-tests or for your production needs,  please read more on our Battery & Test and Measurement-page.





The Name Hallen comes from Hallen lower and upper – two unmanned lighthouses configured as a range-finder at Malö Strömmar in the northern part of Skagerack. They were built in 1943 as beacons to provide a safe passage through the shallow fairway. When the light from the lighthouses is visible above each other, you are clear of obstructions and can make a safe passage through the sometimes very rough Malö Strömmar.