New Product | WF2144


WireFlow are happy to present our latest product; the WF 2144 – USB Programmable Resistor Module..

The WF2144 is a USB Programmable Resistor Module, unleashing the power of our popular WF3144, using USB.

The WF 2144 is a USB 2.0 compatible 4-channel, 16 bit, programmable resistor module.
Each channel is galvanically isolated, making it ideal for sensor simulation.
The 16 bit resolution is non-linear with finer steps at lower resistance values.
It could, for example, be used to emulate a PT100 sensor with a range of 40–180Ω/-150–+200°C with a resolution of 0.1°C.
An open API using the Modbus standard with Python and LabVIEW drivers makes it compatible with most computer architectures and operating systems.

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