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Your Solution

Do you need a customized battery test and measurement system? We can help.

WireFlow has extensive experience in test and measurement technology for batteries, both in the characterization of single cells and in addressing the challenges in doing test and measurement of high voltage battery stacks.

See more information below about the tools we use and some of the projects we’ve carried out in the past.

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For measurement and control of battery stacks, WireFlow has developed two I/O modules for the CompactRIO platform; WF 3168 and WF 3169. These modules can be stacked to measure on hundreds of cells in series. The modules are designed for voltages up to 1.000 Volts, but they can be used in systems with even higher voltage, if appropriate care is taken to isolate as described in the application note below.

The WF3168 module includes balancing functionality which is an important feature for battery stacks. 

Manufacturers of battery packs needs to test their packs very carefully before shipping them to their customers.

WireFlow used the WF 3169 to build a customized solution for long term test and qualification of Li-Ion batteries for the battery manufacturer Micropower. How this system was designed can be found in the case study below.


Application note

Measuring individual cells in high voltage battery packs.pdf [AB0005-116 AN19, Rev A]

CASE STUDY: Battery Cycle Test Rig

Solution for long term test and qualification of Li-Ion batteries

WF 3168 - Battery Stack Monitor & Balancing Module

WF 3169 - Battery Stack Monitor Module