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Battery test and measurement

Batteries are becoming ubiquitous and are a key technology in a number of areas like transport, power and industry.

Battery manufacturers and integrators in these sectors needs to perform advanced tests to assure the quality of their batteries and systems. There are different challenges related to battery measurements on different system levels; from characterization of individual cells to balancing a high voltage battery stack. 

WireFlow has experience in designing test and measurement equipment for these battery applications. By using our ready-to-use software and hardware building blocks, we can quickly build customized test and measurement system that fit your need. We develop and manufacture systems for both production test and design characterization.

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Operator panel for a battery cycle test rig.

A charging and testing station for battery pack manufacturing.


ND Videoclip


WireFlow Battery Cycle Test Rigs

Solution for long term test and qualification of Li-Ion batteries.

WireFlow’s CEO, Johan Sandquist, held a keynote on one of our battery cycle test-rigs using National Instruments’ Compact-RIO platform and our own WF 3169 – Battery Stack Monitoring C Series module. The keynote was recorded during NI Automotive Forum 2019 in Göteborg, and held again at NIDays Europe 2019 in Munich.

Building blocks


Read the case studies below about some of the projects that we have carried out in the past

CASE | WireFlow Integration Services

Charge and Test System for Li-Ion Battery

Toyota Material Handling Manufacturing Sweden is one of the world’s largest factories for manufacturing of warehouse trucks. Toyota was in progress of introducing a new generation of Li-Ion batteries for their trucks and needed new charging and test stations for the battery manufacturing line.

CASE | WireFlow Integration Services

Battery Cycle Test Rigs, A Solution for long term test and qualification of Li-Ion batteries

Micropower builds modular Li-Ion battery packs and chargers for a wide range of applications such as automotive, utility vehicles and mobile storage solutions.

They needed a safe, reliable and flexible test solution that could cycle battery packs unattended for many months, while logging large amounts of measurement data from the DUT (device under test).

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case studies?

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Solution and Application notes


Measuring individual cells in high voltage battery packs

AB0005-116 AN19 Measuring individual cells in high voltage battery packs.pdf

Battery Stack Demo

AB0005-084 AN8 Battery Stack Demo.pdf

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