WireFlow Test Framework

Lana Test Dashboard

WireFlow’s configurable operator interface for testing and programming 

Lana is WireFlow’s application for executing test sequences developed in TestStand. The application supports having different execution views depending upon which article is being tested. The installation comes with a standard library of views and it is easy to create completely custom views. 

Since Lana is connected to TestStand’s user database, it is possible to enable and disable different parts of the application for different users. The application also has an administrator mode, where it is possible to change settings or run the sequences in debug mode with breakpoints. 

Lana comes with an easy to use article configurator interface where articles can be added or removed, and sequences and displays can be connected to the articles. 

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Data sheet

Lana Test Dashboard Data Sheet.pdf [AB0005-126, Rev A]


– Integration with TestStand
– Configurable view of execution; Standard views and Custom created views
– User differentiation
– Admin mode; Single pass, Breakpoints and Runtime variables
– Multiple run options for each article
– Article selection by scanning


– TestStand installation (Development or deployment license, 2019 recommended)
– LabVIEW Runtime 2019

Lana is the tram stop on the border between Gothenburg and Mölndal. In 1893 a spinner factory named “AB Lana Kamgarnsspinneri” was started on the site. The name Lana is Latin for wool. Today, the factory does not exist anymore, but the name Lana lives on.

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