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NI RIO Platform

NI RIO Platform

The RIO platform from NI is a Reconfigurable I/O architecture that consists of a user-programmable FPGA, often combined with a real-time processor to implement a complete system. Both the FPGA and processor are programmable using the same language, LabVIEW.

The platform includes CompactRIO Controllers for rugged industrial applications, single-board RIO Controllers for embedded applications and FlexRIO Controllers for the highest performance.

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Compact RIO 

In a CompactRIO system, a chassis with a CPU and user-programmable FPGA is populated with one or more I/O modules. These modules provide connectivity to sensors and actuators and can also implement various specialized interfaces.

WireFlow offers several types of modules for the CompactRIO system, such as the WF 3144 and WF 3168 modules.

WireFlow has extensive experience in using CompactRIO in projects, from simple data logging systems to more advanced control systems. Here are a few of these projects:

CASE: Developing a Control and Monitoring System (Seatwirl)

 for a Vertical and Floating WindTurbine for Deep Sea Deployment

CASE: Acticon uses LabVIEW™

for data acquisition in their Air and Acoustic Technology Laboratory

CASE: ECU Prototype Test System for Thermal Power Control

cRIO HIL-solution for software and hardware testing at Azelio


The FlexRIO product line was designed for engineers and scientists who need the flexibility of custom hardware without the cost of custom design. Featuring large, user-programmable FPGAs and high-speed analog, digital and RF I/O; FlexRIO provides a fully reconfigurable instrument that you can program graphically with LabVIEW or with VHDL/Verilog. FlexRIO products are available in two architectures. The first architecture incorporates modular I/O modules that attach to the front of a PXI FPGA Module for FlexRIO and communicate over a parallel digital interface and the second uses high-speed serial converters and features integrated I/O.

WireFlow has also extensive experience in using FlexRIOs. They are used in projects that require high-performance processing capabilities. One such project where the FlexRIO was the appropriate platform was the Radar test and verification solution for UniqueSec.


Radar test and verification solution based on FlexRIO and LabVIEW FPGA

Single-board RIO

The CompactRIO Single-Board Controller is an embedded control system for rapid commercial development and deployment.

It is designed for high-volume and OEM embedded control and analysis applications that require high performance and reliability. Featuring an open embedded architecture and compact size, this flexible, customizable, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware device is part of an accelerated custom design platform that can help you get your custom embedded control system to market quickly.

With the CompactRIO platform, you can take advantage of FPGA performance, real-time determinism, and reliability with relatively low non-recurring engineering compared with custom hardware design.

WireFlow has also substantial experience using single-board RIOs in our projects. They are used in projects that require FPGA capability combined with a small, customized form factor. They are also appropriate for systems with higher manufacturing volumes. Here are case studies for two WireFlow projects that used the single-board RIO:

CASE: Sensor Simulation for ADAS testing

Using LabVIEW FPGA programming to simulate inertia motion sensors over SPI

CASE: Study enabling maritime sensor fusion inventions

National Instruments’ SOM-platform in deep water (in a good sense)

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