WireFlow Test Framework

We offer you a versatile platform for your circuit board testing – configurable, modular, affordable and robust

WireFlow has long experience in helping companies set up test and programming environments for electronic production. We have gathered all our tools and knowledge into a versatile framework we call WireFlow Test Framework. Using our framework, we can help you to quickly develop an effective and affordable solution for testing and programming your products in the production line. 

We can jump-start your project by using our well-defined process to walk through things like;

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Testability analysis

Fixture configuration


Test specification

Test sequence programming


Production startup

Maintenance & Support

You choose which parts you want to do yourself, and what parts you want us to do. We can assist you all the way from idea to ongoing production, or just provide you with hardware and software building blocks.

Our Test Framework uses state-of-the-art software tools like TestStand, LabVIEW, WATS and TeamViewer. The hardware building blocks are chosen with care to provide high quality, affordable price, off the shelf delivery and easy software integration.

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Download the WireFlow Test Framework brochure as a PDF to read more about our offering and to take the next step in PCB-testing.

WireFlow offers the complete set of products and services needed for a production test and programming station.

The five fundamentals of WireFlow Test Framework

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WF Test Framework

1. Test expert services

To set up a complete environment can be quite a comprehensive task, especially if you haven’t done it before. Involve us early in your project and we can ensure that you get a product that is easy and consistent to manufacture, test, and that will increase your profit.

WE PROVIDE: Testability analysis, Test strategies, Production flow analysis, Test specification, Configuration management, Test firmware programming, Test sequence development, Serial number handling.
WF Test Framework

2. Fixtures

How to reach the insides of your product for testing is an important question, it’s really a top priority during design. Modular fixtures makes it possible to quickly create the perfect solution for every need.

WE PROVIDE: State of the art fixtures with flexible configurations; both affordable connector interface fixtures and high volume needle bed fixtures. With or without exchangeable cassettes.
WireFlow Test Framework building blocks header
WireFlow Test Framework building blocks header
WF Test Framework

3. Hardware and software building blocks

Under the hood of the WireFlow Test Framework we have tons of options to meet your needs for ICT and FCT testing. The modular and scalable nature of our framework consists of our own hard- and software products as well as known and proven products from NI and other leading manufacturers of measuring equipment. State-of-the-art software tools and hardware building blocks provides you with high quality, affordable price, off-the-shelf delivery and easy software integration.

WE PROVIDE: I/O boards, Relay boards, Power supplies, Communication bus interfaces, LED detectors, TestStand templates, LabVIEW drivers, Customizable operator GUI.
WF Test Framework

4. Peripheral systems

The optional equipment around the WireFlow Test Framework to streamline testing, increase ergonomics and build a traceable and efficient test environment for your production.

“With WATS I can access data from the manufacturing site directly on my mobile phone.” 

WE PROVIDE: WATS cloud based test result database, Label printers, Optical scanners, Fingerprint login solutions, Touch screen interfaces.
WireFlow Test Framework header
WF Test Framework

5. Support services

Do you need an on-demand support organization to secure your manufacturing? WireFlow offers stellar Support services under our WireFlow Test Framework rounding up our offering with a selection of aftermarket services. We guarantee your access to expert engineers within hours and spare parts for immediate delivery.

WE PROVIDE: Remote support with short response times using TeamViewer. Spare parts for immediate shipping.

The building blocks of WireFlow Test Framework

The building blocks is a collection of components that are used in the fundamentals of the WireFlow Test Framework

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Fixture instrumentation

Fixture cassettes

Label Printers

Hand Scanner

Peripheral Software

Support Software


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Solution and Application notes


TestStand Add-on for User Access Toolkit



WF 2111 USB Fingerprint Reader for LabVIEW

AB0005-061 AN7 HMS WF 2111 USB Fingerprint Reader for LabVIEW.pdf