WF 2144 – USB Programmable Resistor Module

The WF 2144 is a USB 2.0 compatible 4-channel, 16 bit, programmable resistor module.
Each channel is galvanically isolated, making it ideal for sensor simulation.
The 16 bit resolution is non-linear with finer steps at lower resistance values.
It could, for example, be used to emulate a PT100 sensor with a range of 40–180Ω/-150–+200°C with a resolution of 0.1°C.
An open API using the Modbus standard with Python and LabVIEW drivers makes it compatible with most computer architectures and operating systems.

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Downloads & Information


Data sheet

AB0005-091 WF 2144 Data Sheet.pdf

User Manual

AC0120-008 WF 2144 User Manual.pdf

LabVIEW Driver

AC0111-003 WF 2144 LabVIEW

Python Driver

AC0207-002 WF 2144 Python

Multiple WF 2144 USB Programmable Resistor Modules

AB0005-140 AN21 Multiple WF 2144 USB Programmable Resistor Modules.pdf

Additional Downloads

Simulation of a temp sensor

AB0005-006 AN1 Simulation of a temp sensor.pdf

Enhanced Mode

AB0005-017 WP1 WF 3144 Enhanced Mode.pdf

PT100 Resistance Thermometer Simulator

AB0005-085 AN9 PT100 Simulator.pdf | Example files referenced in the document can be found HERE

NTC Thermistor Simulator

AB0005-087 AN10 Thermistor Simulator.pdf | Example files referenced in the document can be found HERE


–  Channels; 4
–  Max Voltage; 150 V
–  Max Power; 100 mW/channel
–  Range; 16 Ω–160 kΩ
–  Update Rate; 200 Hz
–  Max Error; R < 1 kΩ: 0,1 %
–  Max Error; R < 10 kΩ: 1 %
–  Max Error; R < 160 kΩ: 10 %
–  Enhanced mode: Max Error; 32 Ω < R < 160 kΩ: 0.25 %


–  Four independent, galvanically isolated channels
–  Entirely solid-state simulation
–  High resolution with non-linear scaling
–  Wide resistance range
–  On-board calibration memory
–  Open Modbus API
–  LabVIEW and Python driver included
–  Combines permutations of real resistors to achieve desired value

Application areas

–  Resistive sensor simulation;
–  Pressure sensors, Thermistors, RTDs etc.
–  ATE (Automatic Test Equipment)
–  HiL testing (Hardware in the Loop)
–  Laboratory testing of electronic control units
–  Automated calibration and alignment
–  Automate manual controls

Shipping information

– Product Net Weight: 0.23 kg
– Country of Origin: Sweden (SE)
– Harmonized System (HS) / TARIC Code: 8537109199

Support & FAQ

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General information

What kind of connector are used for the module?
The WF 2144 and uses a 10-Pos Plug. You should connect a terminal block for 10-Pos Plug to the module. This terminal block is included together with the module when shipped from WireFlow. If you need some extra plugs you should acquire article 1970045 from Phoenix Contact.

Can I use multiple WF 2144 on the same PC?
Yes, multiple WF 2144 devices can be used on the same PC. For more details, please refer to AB0005-140 AN21 Multiple WF 2144 USB Programmable Resistor Modules
How is the WF 2144 Programmable Resistor Module designed?
The module uses an array of real resistors switched with solid state relays to the desired resistance.