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Stenpiren Test Fixtures

WireFlow’s robust and scalable platform for production test and programming 

The Stenpiren series from WireFlow is a suite of highly configurable Test Fixtures that fits most production test needs. A fixture can use interchangeable cassettes which enable re-use of the instrumentation for different variants of the circuit board under test. 

Several different connection methods are available; such as needle-beds, side approach mechanisms and affordable cable connections. The fixtures come with a DC power supply and a multi I/O board and can be extended with instruments and other special devices as needed by your application. 

WireFlow has a wide portfolio of well-proven instrumentation to choose from. 

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A medium size fixture with a needle bed cassette
Interchangeable cassettes enable testing of many types of boards with one common I/O-box


– Fixed plate or Interchangeable cassettes
– Linear click system with ball bearings
– 10 mm ESD-proof top cover
– Telescopic guide rail and catch
– USB Multifunction I/O Device
– Powered by 48VDC

Application areas

– Circuit board production testing
– In Circuit Testing (ICT)
– Functional testing
– Device programming and configuration
– High volume needle-bed testing
– Low volume connector interface testing


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Data sheet

Stenpiren Test Fixtures Data Sheet.pdf [AB0005-125, Rev C]

Fixture variants & Ordering information

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Standard Options

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Stenpiren (The stone pier) is a tram stop in Gothenburg. If you take the ferry from WireFlow HQ, on the island Hisingen, you will arrive at Stenpiren. The pier was built in 1845 where there used to be a wooden bridge, which was one of the city’s first quays used for the archipelago boats.

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