WF 2144 - USB Programmable Resistor Module

Our most popular product – now in a diffrent format.

The WF 2144 is a USB 2.0 compatible 4-channel, 16 bit, programmable resistor module.
Each channel is galvanically isolated, making it ideal for sensor simulation. An open API using the Modbus standard with Python and LabVIEW drivers makes it compatible with most computer architectures and operating systems.

Battery Test & Measurement

A WireFlow Solution

WireFlow has experience in designing test and measurement equipment for a wide range of battery applications. By using our ready-to-use software and hardware building blocks, we can quickly build customized test and measurement system that fit your need. We develop and manufacture systems for both production test and design characterization.

WireFlow Test Framework

PCB Testing

WireFlow has long experience in helping companies set up test and programming environments for electronic production. We have gathered all our tools and knowledge into a versatile framework we call WireFlow Test Framework.

WireFlow presents the WF 3169 - Battery Stack Monitor Module

The WF 3169 from WireFlow is a battery monitoring C Series module that includes an ADC and a high voltage input multiplexer. The module can measure up to 24 series-connected cells with a voltage up to 5V per cell.

WireQueue MQTT Toolkit for LabVIEW

The easy way to connect your devices using the de facto standard protocol for IoT: MQTT. It is ideally suited to connect LabVIEW devices over local or remote network for robust data acquisition and control purposes, with the option of using TLS secured communication.

Welcome to WireFlow

For Engineers – By Engineers


Our Products

We provide hardware and software products designed to work
seamlessly with National Instruments architectures.

WireFlow Security Suite

The WireFlow Fingerprint reader and security dongles make securing your LabVIEW applications and code as easy as locking the front door of your house…

C-Series modules

Our C-Series modules are to be used with CompactRIO chassis from National Instruments.
The WF 3132 can also be used with CompactDAQ chassis…

LabVIEW Software

Our LabVIEW software is used to improve the productivity for LabVIEW developers, or in academia for students to learn LabVIEW in a fun and interactive way…

Our Solutions

We provide flexible and robust solutions within our three main expertise areas.

Battery Test & Measurement

We develop and manufacture battery test and measurement systems for both production test and design characterization based on your needs.

Battery Test & Measurement

By using our ready-to-use software and hardware building blocks, we can quickly build customized test and measurement system for both production test and design characterization.

PCB Testing

We offer you a versatile platform for your circuit board testing – configurable, modular, affordable and robust

Advanced Sensor Simulation

We develop and offer black box software controlled advanced sensor simulation for high-speed demanding HIL applications for HW/SW validation.

Advanced Sensor Simulation

We offer customized sensor simulators for advanced sensors that uses built-in signal processing. If you have a sensor you need to simulate, please contact us to see if we can help you with a custom solution.

Take a look at our case studies.

Our Services

WireFlow offer services related to LabVIEW and the NI ecosystem.
Whether it’s a short or long-term consultant mission or a development of a customized product or solution, we can help you.

The engineers at WireFlow have over 20 years of experience with the NI ecosystem and provide a high level of expertice.

Custom Electronics

Our experienced engineers and technical support staff are able to design and produce assemblies according to the highest quality standards and certifications.

Integration Services

Specialist integration services for your hardware and software components and assemblies. We have years of experience in integrating reliable and robust systems to a wide range of industry sectors.


WireFlow Consulting is tailored to fit your needs, ranging from one-day training and consulting activities, through to large-scale turn-key system delivery and long-term partnering relationships.

Integration Service Project

NI Automotive Forum WireFlow Keynote Presentation

Tip: View video in fullscreen to see the presentation 


WireFlow’s CEO, Johan Sandquist, held a keynote on one of our battery cycle test-rigs using National Instruments’ Compact-RIO platform and our own WF 3169 – Battery Stack Monitoring C Series module.

The keynote was recorded during NI Automotive Forum 2019 in Göteborg, and held again at NIDays Europe 2019 in Munich.

We ship our products to all corners of the world

We also do integration and consultancy services for both local and international customers.


Latest News and events…

New Co-Worker, again…

New Co-Worker, again…

WireFlow would like to welcome and present the newest member of our team - Mårten Aurelius, Mårten will be Battery Test and Measurement Business area manager and will mainly help and reinforce our our battery-charge (pun intended). Mårten is, as usual at WireFlow,...

Products | Linus first product

Products | Linus first product

Linus started at WireFlow a little over 6 months ago, today he finished his first product; a ±800V insulated battery detector that is used in a customer project. This product was conceived due to the sourcing situation inte the world and long lead-time for similar...

Project BTM | 60KW battery workstations in build.

Project BTM | 60KW battery workstations in build.

We are currently building two "Donsö" 10channel, 60kW, battery work-stations for a customer, and we are going to be able to tell and show more when installed, so stay tuned. The system is based on our very versatile BTM-platform with our Valand software, it can be...

CN Rood new distributor

CN Rood new distributor

Company News We are extremely happy to present our new distributor; CN Rood who are distributing our standard products in the nordic region and BeNeLux. CN Rood has since some time been official reseller for NI products in this region and it was a natural choice to...

Merry Christmas and thank you all for 2021.

Merry Christmas and thank you all for 2021.

2021 is coming to an end, WireFlow would like to thank customer and partners for this year. It has been and still is a interesting year for us, and we are happy to start 2022 in a similar way. We are taking a deserved rest and will be back in full force on the 10:th...

Tradeshow - Elmia Subcontractor Jönköping! We are happy to come out of our Covid-bubble and meet you, come visit us at our boot on Elmia Subcontractor 9-12 of November. We are on booth D03:63 and registration is free. So, what are you waiting for, come join us!...

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